Adult Classes

Adult Classes
Always wanted to flip? Come try our Adult Gym.
Adult is an art of movement designed to teach you how to tackle obstacle and overcome challenges. Build self confidence and get active by learning how to run, jump, climb, vault and swing through any environment.
Our facilities offer a wide range of training equipment with an important component of learning tricks, tumbling and fitness in a safe, fun filled environment.

Tuesday                6.30pm-8.00pm with Coach Wanita
Wednesday cancelled for term 2
Friday – over 50’s   1.00pm -2.00pm with Coach Mae

How to Book

  1. Fill out and return your enrolment form   SDG Enrolment Form V2018
  2. Pay Gym membership and registration fee
  3. Fees – you can pay a casual rate or purchase a 10 pass payment card
  4. However if payment cards are lost we are unable to re-issue
    #Annual insurance Payment Card System or PAYG